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IFS Integrated Model

Our robust technology securely and effectively connects all stakeholders in the Canadian Investment fund industry by using a single cohesive platform.

As a result, investors will have greater satisfaction because advisors are fully aware of what the investor wants to accomplish. Investment products can now be monitored to avert negative financial outcomes by way of red flags or warning systems.

Both investors and advisors will have the opportunity to measure the real effect of making changes to a proposed financial plan; while greater contact and agreement between investor and advisor will significantly reduce investor complaints and compliance costs.

IFS Integrated Model
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Advisor Survey

I want a portable office. I want to have all of my client's information - profile data, investments - all in one place when I visit their home.
Some of my clients are more financially aware than others. All of my clients should be able to benefit from a simple financial planning tool.
Improve compliance by having an audit trail.
Make the process more interactive
It would be great if I could store and easily retrieve all of my client's compliance documents from one place.
I want to be able to input a plan and see the results immediately. The amount of time it takes is unbelievable.
I would like to be able to create a customized financial plan for my clients.
Make it easier to store and retrieve documents.
I need the ability to quickly see where they are now and where they need to be.
Help me to organize my clients financial's each year.
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